A Social Media Campaign can be defined as a direct attempt to build and support a business by targeting consumers using one or more Social Media platforms. These campaigns are usually well researched and aim to court people within a specific niche. These can be coordinated over holidays, special occasions, or any time the business is trying to get a surge in leads and sales.


Just having a Social Media account for your business does not constitute a campaign; you see it all the time where you go to a business's website and click on the links to their Social Media pages, only to find it hadn't been updated to reflect current information, recent posts, etc. This can ultimately damage the company's reputation and drive traffic from their site. Social Media Campaign Services are intended to do the opposite; they should ultimately aim to satisfy a particular business objective, such as:

1. Acquiring information from their users

2. Generating a detailed marketing file on customers

3. Increasing and improving the quality of website traffic to their website

4. Growing their company and message by increasing Brand Awareness

5. Instant surges in sales

The method to completing these objectives must be measured and precise. Prior to the start of a Social Media Campaign, you must establish a control that defines where you were before you started so that you can accurately measure the variables in performance after the campaign has been initiated. This information is vital because it allows you to see how you’ve progressed since the inception of your campaign. It should be noted that these objectives will vary based on how you choose to implement the campaign and what you’re trying to convey to your target audience. Certain Social Media platforms appeal differently to specific genders, ethnicities, and ages, so that must be included in your research when choosing your Social Media campaign services.


Prior to the start of a Social Media campaign, you must ensure that there is a system and software in place for tracking information such as Web Traffic, length of time on specific pages, pages viewed more frequently than others, etc. There is plenty of free Social Media tracking software available to give you detailed reports regarding the sharing of pages and content with other users, chatter about your business on Twitter and Facebook, and what keywords are being used most often to find your business just to name a few.

With a solid foundation to track and compile data, you must implement a timeline and target date for completing your Social Media campaign. This allows you to budget accurately, as these campaigns and services can become costly, and tracking the effectiveness over a definitive amount of time prior to the start and after completion of your campaign.


1. Encourage users to interact with your Social Media platforms; asking questions and opinions about your business, utilizing polls to compile data, and having contests that get people to sign up for mailing and marketing lists are all ways to make the customer feel part of your business.

2. Incentivizing participation can get customers to offer valuable information about their interests. Prizes, rewards, and promotions can be used to keep the customers interested and focused on your company.

3. Quick response times to inquiries and addressing customer concerns is crucial in showing the prospective client that you care about their needs.

4. Consistently and routinely update all of your Social Media platforms, to ensure that your seen as reliable by providing the most up to date information about your business.

5. Staying relevant with your target audience is key, as you don’t want to be seen as obsolete or out of touch. Constantly updating your Branding and Logos to keep up with current trends shows new customers that you have no intention of falling behind the competition.

6. Track your Social Media campaign constantly to ensure your tactics are working and you have all bases covered.

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