What is Search Engine Optimization?

Vikalp and Francis have developed a strategy that is proven to work and rank businesses higher on Google. We will optimize your website properly, so that when prospective customers are searching for your business on Google, you'll be #1.

Optimize your Website for Google

Every website we perform SEO for starts with an audit to establish a baseline for where you’re business currently ranks.

Keyword Research

We will work together to identify your target market, which keywords would benefit your business the most, and your goals and objectives for how you want people to search for you on Google.

Optimization Process

Each website should have unique identifiers showing Google that your business is "in sync" with Googles algorithm. Because Google changes and modifies it's algorithm every month, we routinely configure meta titles, alt tags, robots.txt, sitemap.xml, and more — to keep ranking your business higher.

Structural Engineering

Our website design process includes a proper URL and permalink structure, ensuring content is correctly organized by topics and categories. Website "redirection" can be included to maintain SEO scores from a prior website.

Social Media Optimization

Everyone is on social media, which only increases the necessity for proper social media optimization. Other companies will charge for this service, however it is standard practice and included in our website design process to make your website look great across all platforms.

Website and Google Analytics

We sync your new website with a Google Business account. This allows us to integrate Googles analytics and tracking capabilities, so that we can monitor every visitor, metric, conversion each month. This is valuable information that allows you to make informed decisions regarding updating your website and how you market your business online.

See how well your website ranks on Google

Are you looking for the top SEO agency in Philadelphia? Do you want your site to appear on the top of SERPs? VeteranWebDev is here to do it for you. Our SEO professionals will sure to create a result-driven strategy for your business. Every website we perform SEO for starts with an audit to establish a baseline for where your business currently ranks.

Get the Best Results with Our SEO Experts in Philadelphia
No matter whether you’re looking for short or long-term solutions, we use proven SEO techniques to boost your website traffic, conversion rate, and leads. From keyword optimization to social network monitoring, timely audit, competitor analysis, and SEO consulting, our SEO service include everything that can help improve your website performance, organic search traffic, and overall business growth.

What Makes Us Different?
We are a professional SEO company in Pennsylvania that has crossed several milestones to conquer the search engine algorithms and build sustainable growth for businesses of all sectors. We are truly dedicated to bringing you transparency, goal-focused SEO strategies, and technological advancements.

We are driven by a spirit to deliver impeccable results and focus on what actually matters for your bottom line. Whether you’re looking for local SEO in Philadelphia or need a reach on a global level, we leverage extensive data and vast experience to create a successful SEO campaign.

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We ask you not to judge us by our winners, but by our losers because there are none. Everyone we work with have been provided results that are consistent in quality and customized to their particular business model. Our WordPress Web Design and SEO team have received only positive reviews from our highly satisfied clients.
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