Effective Tactics for Link Building

Effective Tactics for Link Building

Link Building is necessary if you’re trying to increase the success of your company. Let me explain.

Links are tied to SEO, and they must be included in any kind of SEO campaign for the simple fact that it increases the chance of you’re company being found on Google. Thorough research and executing a system of Link Building is paramount to ranking on the first page of Google.

This process does not always go smoothly, as Link Building can create hurdles that will surely inhibit the success of your company. Here are some ways to avoid potential speed bumps on the road to prosperity:

Quality over Quantity

Quality content beats out a ton of useless information when Link Building because search engines like Google reward you for posting material that is useful. Your authority in your target niche can either be held in a high or low regard depending on how relevant your posts are on your websites and in your marketing.

Your content includes anything you write or post related to your business; from blogs and information, to the services you offer, compiled data and facts, and associates of your company.

Sources such as these can all create a path for organic traffic back to your website. Subpar content can no longer make the cut today due to the plethora of information that is being generated today. In order to effectively run a successful SEO campaign, your posts and content you provide MUST be authentic and unique.

Search Engine Optimization

Your website needs to be optimized for a User Friendly experience before even thinking about Link Building. Just think, why would someone want to ruin their reputation by sending you to a dirty restaurant, or a retail store with clothes all over the place with no organization.

This is the same concept when someone visits your website; a Landing Page that is simple to navigate will inherently garner more traffic due to its convenience to the customer.

Technical Audits can be provided and ran which will annotate where your site is lacking and how it can be improved. Some of the results that will be reported are:

1) How your website is structured

2) User functionality on a Desktop vs Mobile Device

3) How fast a page loads, and what is slowing it down

4) Damaged links and “image or page not found” messages

There are many other variables that can affect the optimization of a website, so it is important to constantly verify your website is kept up to date with the latest software and evaluation methods.

Your Research is Lacking

Analyzing your competition can help you Link Build by figuring out how and where they get their information from. How are other websites being discovered? What links and tactics are being used to find a website from a competitor in your field?

Sometimes a little reconnaissance on your enemy is all that is needed to turn the tide of battle.

Keyword Analysis

Every SEO campaign must include Keyword Analysis. This research is vital when discovering what keywords and tags are being used to find businesses like yours. These keywords are the ones searched most often in Google during a particular time period and must be incorporated somehow in your marketing tactics.

Your brand awareness and message will suffer if you’re not Linking information and publications to the top rated keywords. You need to stay relevant and relatable to your clients in order to stay on top of the competition.

Top Rated Industry Sources

Anyone can claim to be an expert in their field, however proper credentials an established base can make the difference in Linking to promoters, consultants, and professionals. Building trust and authentic relationships with revered publications and industry executives generate Links that will lump you in with the best.

This tactic can help you expand your reach in a particular field, and increase interest in what you can offer. Social Media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are all good ways to build a rapport with top influencers and personalities.

Who, What, When...

Opportunities come and go, as does your website traffic. Don’t miss them by not having the proper software and tracking methods in place to tell you what’s working and what's not.

Your team needs information on Link Building possibilities readily available to them at all times. Properly stockpiling contact info and data is a simple way to track who is interested and a quality candidate for ad targeting and outreach. You can then rank relationships based on repeat customers and who is more likely to use your products and services in the future.

Automation in the sense of ready made email templates, recurring newsletters and posts, and timely discounts/promotions are all ways to stay in contact with clients using minimal effort.

Following up with potential clients and setting reminders to do so are all good ways to constantly Increase Conversion rates for leads to sales.

In Conclusion

Link Building is a necessary component to the success of any business. With a little research and some careful planning, it should not take more than a little effort to make your campaign effective. Utilizing the tactics and avoiding the hurdles we’ve discussed above should make your attempt at building quality links and relationships fairly simple.

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