Content Marketing

The Purpose of Content Marketing

What does your audience care about most? This answer can become hazy if you lose sight of your Marketing Goals. There is a simple definition for Content Marketing; it is meant to provide information related to your niche, not a sales pitch to a customer. Some businesses become preoccupied with numbers and forget that those numbers are only as good as their clients. Without the clients, their business can not succeed.

Content Marketing is beneficial because it provides your followers and target audience with something they DON’T have to pay for. It can be informational material, resources to related businesses and brands, as well as an outlet for positive and negative feedback.

This style of marketing is essential because it shows your customers you’re not all about the money, and that you’re interested in building a quality relationship with them. This helps to create Brand Loyalty and will inadvertently help you gain support by word of mouth. Having others speak positively about your company will almost always increase web traffic and chatter about who you are.

Finding out what your audience cares about, and offering something to them that no one else in your field is providing, can make you exclusive. When it comes to informational topics and articles, live streams, and webinars that showcase popular advances in your particular industry or services, you provide a way for customers to interact with you on a personal level.

Content Marketing can make you a valuable resource and a household name used for referencing other products related to your business. Having a customer gain your trust is something that all businesses should aim to acquire.

Becoming an industry leader when it comes to providing information and research is not for the faint of heart. It requires countless hours and links to resources that are credible. You don’t want to sacrifice your own credibility generating useless and baseless content because you think Content Marketing will automatically boost relationships with prospective clients. People can often tell when someone doesn’t know what they’re talking about, and that can have a negative impact your business.

Ultimately, the biggest benefit, aside from building long-term relationships with repeat customers, is the fact that it doesn’t cost you anything other than time. Making an effort to provide something valuable will undoubtedly help get people talking about you. If you can create an image of your brand that is friendly and inviting, more people will want to work with and support you as a business, supplementing your other paid marketing tactics.

Content Writing vs Traditional Writing

As Content Marketing has become increasingly popular due to the effectiveness of its implementation alongside SEO and SMM, so does the skill of Content Writing. This leaves a void for Content Writers to fill; writers with a high level of knowledge within a particular niche are in high demand, and for good reason too. Anyone can be an expert in their field, but how many can walk and chew gum at the same time? What I mean is, you have to be influential and charismatic when writing articles, posting content, and trying to reach audiences who may not have a clue about what you’re talking about.

Written content, in the form of a Blog, Social Media campaigns, and webinars that are meant to be informational all too often can be pretty boring. And we all know a boring article won’t receive a “Like” or positive review.

So what makes a Content Writer effective? The quality of his/her work. Is they’re what talking about relevant or outdated? Does it speak to all genders, ethnicities, and ages within target audience? These are all questions that must be answered prior to generating content for your viewers, and can be done properly by thoroughly researching what you’re talking about, who you’re trying to talk to, and what the most efficient way for broadcasting would be.

Must-Have Skills for Content Writing

Content Writing requires the author to have a tone that tells the reader you they know what they’re talking about . Anyone can write, but it takes time to master the art of persuasion and charisma. Some people have the skill naturally, but it usually takes some training and patience to understand what is needed to capture the minds of your audience. Trial and error is another way of finding out if you’re writing is effective, however you want to make sure that you don’t destroy and ruin your reputation by posting useless content. Not only will search engines like Google penalize you and your company, you’ll also lose credibility in the future. Below are a few basic skills and traits effective Content Writers have:

1) Excellent grammar, punctuation, and accentuation

2) Ability to research and highlight the most recent publications

3) Quick delivery of content when needed

4) Versatility and Uniqueness

5) Understand the topic you’re writing about

6) Creativity and Style that will keep the reader interested

As showcased above, anyone can write content, but not everyone has the skill and patience to become a Content Writer.

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